Kara Maria

Head Over Heels

February 1 – March 11, 2016

Reception and Artist Talk: Thursday February 4, 5-7pm

Artist talk in Colusa Hall 100B. Reception to follow in the gallery.

In a single canvas, Kara Maria’s painting skips from geometric shapes and well-defined forms to exuberant swirls and vibrant splotches of color. Yet Maria’s paintings are more than a pastiche of styles. Within her dynamic environments, the artist introduces a lone skunk, a rhinoceros, a surveillance camera, a camouflaged airplane, to name just a few. Each is an isolated moment of realism, pulled from the turbulent social and political issues of our present day. These parallel discourses—surveillance, environmentalism, military violence–interject a power punch of associations amidst a play of color and gesture. Kara Maria lives and works in San Francisco, CA.

Closed Spring Break: March 14-18

African Elephan

Amur Leopard

Blue-throated Macaw

Double Life


View More: http://mchambard.pass.us/kara-maria

View More: http://mchambard.pass.us/kara-maria

Photographs by Marianna Chambard.