62nd Annual Juried Student Exhibition: Award Recipients

Awards Presentation

Thursday, May 4, 5 pm

Rowland-Taylor Recital Hall (PAC 134)

Awards ceremony for the Jacki Headley University Art Gallery’s 62nd Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition, the Janet Turner Print Museum’s 22nd Juried Student Print Exhibition and 15th Ink/Clay Exhibition, and the 10th Annual Juried Art Education Exhibition.

Congratulations to this year’s selected award winners:

Caitlin Francis, Dean’s Prize


Caitlin Francis, Dropped Gavel, Concrete, cinderblock, clay

“Curiously, while given the highest prize, Caitlin’s work is the one that eludes me the most and therefore leaves me the most uncomfortable to summarize. But that is perhaps why, when something works, the words run a short and fail to convey in syntax what the materials, their arrangement and display, have successful jolted into experience. Experiential, emotional and yet cerebral, Caitlin’s work is contradictory: large in scale, sensory and poetically open ended. Caitlin’s sculpture invites lingering thought long after its viewing, along with powerful, tangible discomfort.” .. Lauren Mackler, Guest Juror


Sierra Diamond, Juror’s Prize


Sierra Diamond, Looking Back I wonder If I Wasted Time And I Wonder If I’m Wasting Time Now By Looking Back, performance with video

“While standing alone as the sole multi-media work and performance in the show, Sierra Diamond’s contribution plays out the contemporary trope of watching while being watched, while knowing you are being watched. Like the digital hiccup of the boomerang filter, Sierra’s work stages a pause in the art viewers’ viewing. While watching her video, I got caught in the reflection of her glasses, her watching herself, watching herself, in infinite regress. This meditative, endurance driven performance challenges the manner in which we visually engage with watching video or being ‘videotaped.'”.. Lauren Mackler, Guest Juror


Garrick Hargrove, Juror’s Prize


Garrick Hargrove, Remixed (Word Around Town), Mixed Media


Garrick Hargrove, Needing is One Thing Getting is Another, Collaborative illustration, ink, color pencil

“Like essays in object-form Garrick Hargrove’s pieces translates personal anecdote into social analogies. By touching upon larger themes of social justice and drawing a line between the history of the civil rights movement into contemporary experience, Garrick revisits and redefines the idea of collaboration (with his children in his drawings; with his audience in his performance). In addition to this, his works included in the show, and for which I am awarding him a juror prize, experiment with art’s pedagogical potential: they are part experience and part learning.” .. Lauren Mackler, Guest Juror


Steven Osterlund, Juror’s Prize*

Steven Osterlund juror prize only.jpeg

Steven Osterlund, Tunnel Vision, Ceramic

“An outlier, Steven Osterlund’s work looks like a strange and compelling vestige of another time’s industry. While not included in the show this work is clearly a well-crafted and intelligent subversion of its materials; ceramics natural fragility is played on. The two pieces submitted Tunnel Vision and California Stack #1 look like parts of another times’ and seem to stand in for a critique, if you will, of the obsolescence of all kinds of technologies.” .. Lauren Mackler, Guest Juror

*This year’s guest juror  selected three artists to receive juror prizes. One artist was not included in the final exhibition, for reasons stated above in the juror quotes.

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