Historian Donald J. Raleigh Talk on the Cold War and Leonid Ilich Brezhnev

Humanities Center Brown Bag Lecture Series

Soviet Man of Peace:
Leonid Ilich Brezhnev’s Cold War, 1964-1982

Monday, 25 September
12:00-1:00 p.m.
PAC 113

Dr. Donald J. Raleigh
Center for Slavic, Eurasian, and East European Studies
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Soviet leader Leonid Ilich Brezhnev (1964-82) ruled in a manner fully consonant with that of his generation, sharing his comrades’ strengths, shortcomings, and understanding of a world divided by two universalizing ideologies. Yet he also left his personal stamp on Soviet foreign policy during his years in office. Despite the role that speech and ghost writers played in crafting Brezhnev’s public addresses and “autobiographical” accounts, he believed unconditionally in peace and saw himself as its architect. He nurtured the propaganda image of him as man of peace because, at heart, he was. Drawing on published memoirs written by his comrades and foreign leaders, his speeches, writings, and newly discovered diaries or work logs, Dr. Raleigh will discuss the notion of Brezhnev as “Soviet Man of Peace.” This talk is part of a full-scale biography Raleigh plans to write on this important but overlooked Soviet general secretary, who Russians between 2000 and 2014 identified as their most popular leader in the twentieth century.

This talk anticipates the upcoming show, “Revolutionizing the World, 1917-2017: The Russian Revolution at its Centenary,” opening at the Jacki Headley University Art Gallery on 26 January, 2018.

Free & open to the public. Bring your lunch and enjoy this talk from a visiting scholar!

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