Tonantzin Esquivel

Tonantzin Esquivel
Master of Fine Arts Culminating Exhibition
April 2 – 7, 2018

Artist talk and reception: Thursday, April 5, 5pm

Influenced by her family’s vocation of farming, Tonantzin Esquivel is an artist that creates oil paintings which reflect various aspects of agricultural nature and crops produced in Northern California, as well as agricultural workers whose presence is commonly forgotten.

Esquivel currently shows her work locally and welcomes studio visits whenever the opportunities arise. Esquivel received her BA degrees in Communication Design and Art Studio from California State University in Chico and is currently finishing her MFA degree from Chico State as well.

Esquivel is a native of Northern California, having been born in Chico, and is co-owner of her family farm located in Orland, California. She is a proud Chicana with parents and family deriving from Michoacán, Mexico.

Esquivel_Diseased Spine_2018_Oil on Canvas on Panel_12 x 16 inches_small

Esquivel_Hace Frio_2018_Oil on Canvas on Panel_12 x 16 inches_small

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