Cathy Lu: Foreign Bodies

January 30-March 14, 2020

Jacki Headley University Art Gallery
Hours: 12-4pm
ARTS 121

Hopper Visiting Artist Talk
Thursday, January 30
Zingg Recital Hall (Arts and Humanities Building)
Followed by a reception at the Headley Gallery

The Jacki Headley University Art Gallery, in conjunction with the Hopper Visiting Artist Lecture Series, is pleased to present Cathy Lu: Foreign Bodies. Cathy Lu is a Bay Area artist working primarily in ceramics. Her sculptural work explores traditional Chinese art imagery and presentation as a way to question cultural authenticity in relation to objects and contemporary identity. For the Headley Gallery exhibition, Lu has created a large-scale installation juxtaposing seemingly discordant objects– a broken street altar with mis-sharpened fruit, a porcelain barrier railing, oversized decomposing peaches. Each component carries hints of Chinese mythology as well as American symbolism, creating a cultural blend of overlapping narratives. The Hopper Visiting Artist Series is generously sponsored by David Hopper and Shari Maxson Hopper.

Cathy Lu Peach Garden installation 2018 Irivng Street Project copy

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