FLASHPOINTS: Material / Intent / Fused

Featuring the work of

Kristy Deetz, Reni Gower, Jane Nodine, and Daniella Woolf

Enticed by touch,

these artists explore a wide range of materials and processes

linked through craft and meaning. 

With a shared focus on encaustic (pigmented hot wax)

FLASHPOINTS beautifully underscores where material and intent converse and fuse.

Whether a painting, a tapestry, an installation or artist book,

the works in this exhibition resonate

with a profound tactility echoed through substance, image and idea.

The viewer is invited to explore an immersive sensory-filled experience

that is defined by more than just wax.

FLASHPOINTS celebrates the art of making across a wide interdisciplinary matrix.

— Reni Gower, Curator

Gallery Tour

Visit the CSU Chico Art Department page to view a 360 Tour of the FLASHPOINTS Exhibition.

Student Gallery Team Talks

A word from student curator, Tamara Murphy.

A word from student curator, Jake Samson.

Artist Panel Video Recording

Coming Soon


Installation Documentation

5 thoughts on “FLASHPOINTS: Material / Intent / Fused

  1. Sabrina Marie Chavez says:

    You guys did a really great job putting the installation together! Bravo!
    The artwork looks so amazing.


  2. angeleaheartsong says:

    Wonderful job on the installation of this beautiful show. It was a pleasure to photograph and I feel so lucky to have experienced it in person.


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